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Postgame Recap: November 13 - Lowered Expect(or)ations

Yeah, I know this post is a bit late. But faced with either breaking my vow to blog each game I go to or posting a week late, I'm going to fulfill my obligation to myself and you, the home reader.

So without further delay....

Just the facts, Jack (Edwards)

  • Regular Season game #14, home game #6
  • Boston Bruins (8-4-0-1) vs. Ottawa Senators (8-7-1-0)
  • Second of 6 meetings against Ottawa (Bruins won first game 4-0)

John Blue Plate Special

Got to the Fours a bit late, which can be a bit of a death sentence when it comes to trying to land a seat at the bar on a Saturday night during college football season.  Downstairs was jammed, so I ran upstairs to scope out the seats up there.  As luck would have it, the Flutie seat was open, so I had Mike grab it.  Heather arrived shortly thereafter and we set up shop for the evening.

Given that the Bruins were in somewhat of a funk, we tried coming up with an order that would change things up.  We were really hungry, so an appetizer was in order.  The boneless fingers with two sauces wasn't doing the job, nor were the potato skins.  So we went with the fingers with just barbeque sauce and split a teriyaki Orr.

The Couture Corner

The early Senators sweaters were beautiful in their simplicity. However, for whatever reason, their uniforms went through a metamorphosis, including a revamping of their logo to that of a cartoonish gladiator.  So, my expectations for this game were decidely low.  I would have been happy to see an old Daniel Alfredsson late 90's shirt, but alas, there were none to be had.

So I had to dig deep.  And this was the haul:

2010 Patrice Bergeron Canada Olympic sweater. Très agréable!

Even better was this guy:

1944-8 Milt Schmidt.

I have no idea where this guy got this sweater, but I SO want one!

I've seen special one-offs done for ceremonies and stuff, but I've never seen a fan wear one.  The sweaters from this period were great, with the played number adorning both the front and the back.  The now familiar spoked-B logo would not appear on the front until the 1948-9 season.
Me likee!

The word from the off ice official?


The Row 12 Rundown

After missing the tilt against Montreal earlier in the week, Heather returned to 307 after a short rehab stint at home.  However even her return was no enough to inspire the team on this night.

Doosh of the Day

Forget Doosh of the Day, we have the leader in the clubhouse for Doosh of the Year.

I've seen some pretty despicable acts from people at games throughout the years: Parents encouraging their kids to swear and throw stuff at fans, people tossing beers at innocent bystanders, fans booing (legitimately) injured players, fights, you name it.

But I've never seen what I saw this night.

Some drunk idiot in row 9 got into it with someone in row 10 and it rapidly devolved into him being restrained by his friend as he tried to get at the other guy.  Fortunately, the usher stationed at the bottom of the section was quick to alert security. As security was making their way into the row to forcefully remove this miscreant, he spat at the other guy.


How utterly disgusting.  Despicable. Subhuman.

This is as low as one gets.  There are few gestures more gross and less disrespectful than that.

I certainly hope the cop who took him away took the kid gloves off in dealing with him.

The Clothes Line

Nothing,and I mean nothing, caught my eye on this night. Not even something along the lines of PJ Axelsson or Byron Dafoe.

As for what I wore?  I kept it simple and went with the 1990 Neely.  The same sweater he wore when went spin-o-rama on Sens goalie Darrin Madeley on October 28, 1993.

The Lobel Prize

The Sens have only one Bruins alum on their roster - All star defenseman Sergei Gonchar.

Back in the day, the Bruins management had a stigma that they would never make a deadline deal to help the team for the playoffs because they didn't want to spend the money.

However, in late 2004, they made a deal with the Washington Capitals to acquire Gonchar for Shaone Morrisonn and a pair of draft picks to bolster the defense and add a bit of offense from the blueline.

Gonchar contributes a 4-5-9 line in 15 regular season games with the B's and chipped in with 1-4-5 totals in the playoffs.  Unfortunately, despite his addition to the roster the Bruins were bounced in the playoffs in the first round, losing to the hated Habs in an epic 7 game series.

The NHL went into the lockout the next season and when the NHL returned, Gonchar signed with the Penguins for way more money than the Bruins were going to offer him.

So, how did he do against the B's in this game?  3 shots and a +1.  Not too much damage, thankfully.

The Home End

After taking one on the chin to the rival Canadiens in the previous game, the Bruins were looking to bounce back against the Sens, a team they had shutout 4-0 earlier in the year.  Unfortunately, the Bruins simply did not show up for this game.  Always a step behind, they looked sluggish and uninterested.  Frustrating, given that they had had the day off leading into the game. This was easily the most boring game of the year to this point.

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