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Postgame Recap: December 2 - Eight is (More Than) Enough

Before we get to a very special edition of the Bear Maximum (ooh, the intrigue!), I still need to offer a look back on the thorough shellacking the boys doled out on the Lightning last week.
So without further delay....

Just the facts, Jack (Edwards)

  • Regular Season game #24, home game #11
  • Boston Bruins (13-8-0-2) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning (14-8-2-1)
  • Second game aginst the Bolts (Bruins lost 3-1 in Tampa on November 22)
John Blue Plate Special

With my mind admittedly more focused on the game on Saturday than this one and the fact that I was slammed at work, I left the office about 25 minutes later than I had hoped to.

Needless to say, traffic on the Pike was a mess, especially around Newton Corner.

And then there was a delay on the MBTA green line due to a signal problem at Government Center.

Needless to say, I was late.  Fortunately, Heather had already procured a spot upstairs, with help from the father-son duo of Roger and Chris.  I called ahead and told her to order whatever as I had no idea what time I was going to get there.  So she ordered up a Johnny Kelly wrap with bacon with a side of onion rings.

I wasn't exactly starving, so splitting a meal was the way to go.  It was a good call and it hit the spot dead-on.

The Couture Corner

Tampa Bay is not exactly a franchise with a iconic, time tested look.  When they redesigned their look to fit the RBK Edge system in the 2007-8 season, one vould argue they took a turn for the worse.

That said, they do have one of the worst sweaters in their collection to ever (dis)grace the NHL, in my opinion - the 1996-98 third sweater.

I was really hoping to see one of these in person.  Or a early 90's Rob DiMaio one.

I saw neither.  In fact, I think I saw but one Lightning jersey at the game.  Just not a lot of TB fans up here, as it should be.

So I had to go to plan B - find other jerseys of interest.  Here, I had decidely more luck.

Let's take a look:

Syracuse Bulldogs Ogie Ogilthorpe

Who are the Syracuse Bulldogs you ask?  Obvioulsy, you're not a fan of the greatest hockey comedy ever made: Slap Shot.

The Bulldogs are a fictitious team modeled after the Syracuse Blazers of the defunct North American Hockey League.  The Blazers featured a player by the name of Bill "Goldie" Goldthorpe who had a certain penchant for using his fists to coerce opponents into submission.  He was the inspiration for the Ogilthorpe character, played in the movie by Ned Dowd, a Boston native who just so happened to be the brother of the movie's writer, Nancy Dowd.

The call (for fear of retaliation)?


1983-4 Cam Neely #21 Vancouver Canucks Away Rookie Sweater

These pictures do not do this sweater justice.  The Vancouver 'flying V' look is one of the most ridiculed looks in NHL history, but I sorta like it.  The colors were very bold and vibrant.  And it was different.

Plus the fact that this guy is clearly a Neely fan.  And he likes to be different.

I shouldn't even have to consult with the review booth on this one, but here goes anyway:


The Row 12 Rundown

No Kaspers, but we did have a special guest in young Miss Kylee along with Cassie.

Doosh of the Day

Fortunately, the crowd wasn't too bad for this one.  But that doesn't mean it was doosh-free.

I have 2 awards for this one: 1 for the past and 1 for the present.

The past refers to the doosh who stuck his (or her) gum on the bottom of seat 9, aka Heather's seat.  Based on my research, I think it may have been placed there during the Celtics-Blazers game on 12/1 as it was relatively sticky (or so I was told) and that was the last event at the Garden prior to this game.  I don't think it was from the Michael Buble concert on 11/27.

No one wants a gummy bum, after all.

As far as the present day winner, I'm giving it to the kid who sat in Keith's seat (seat 7) next to me who was dipping for most of the game and spitting incessantly into his cup all the while.  He kicked over the cup at some point in the 3rd period, spilling the contents all over the ground in front of his seat.

Just gross, dude.

The Clothes Line

Late 80's/early 90's Glen Wesley

Wesley was a actually a very decent defenseman who was drafted by the Bruins with the draft pick they acquired with Cam Neely in the Barry Pederson trade with Vancouver in 1986.  He was an All Star in 1989.

But his tunure in the Hub will be remembered for 2 things: The open net miss and the trade.
In the first overtime of game 1 of the 1990 Stanley Cup Finals against the Oilers, Wesley was looking at an open net in the slot and fired a backhand shot high and wide.  A gola would have won it for the Bruins and given them some momentum in the series.

The Oilers would go on to win the game in the third overtime period.  They'd win the series as well.

Petr F*cking Klima.

The Bruins would trade Wesley to the Hartford Whalers in 1994 for 3 future first round draft picks.  One of which was used to draft Sergei Samsonov. When Samsonov was traded to Edmonton in 2006, the Bruins received the Oiler's second round pick in that years' entry draft.  That pick was used by the Bruins to slect some guy named Milan Lucic.

So Wesley was good for something, et least.

The Lobel Prize

Tampa Bay has but one fromer B on their roster, former farmhand Nate Thompson.

Thompson played only 4 games for the Bruins, all during the 2006-7 season.  In those games he did absolutely nothing. No points, no penalties.  Bupkus.

In this game, he had 2 shots and finished a -1 for the night.  No harm done here.

The Home End

This was a beatdown.  Bolts goalie Mike Smith had a game to forget, misplaying a shot by Denis Seidenberg he thought was going to carom that went in the net from beyond the blue line.  While it was nice to see the Bruins put eight goals past the Tampa Bay golaies (Smith was mercifly pulled in the 3rd period in favor of Dan Ellis who wasn't much better), I was secretly hoping the'd save some offensive output for the next game in Toronto 2 nights later.

Up Next: The Bear Maximum goes roadtrippin' to the home of hockey!

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