Sunday, January 30, 2011

Postgame Recap: January 20 - Sabre Price is Right

Ah, the midweek matchup against Buffalo.  An equal mix of die-hards and social-lites, with a healthy dose of away support supplied by the local collegiate ranks.

Let's see how it played out:

Just the facts, Jack (Edwards)

  • Regular Season game #46, home game #23
  • Boston Bruins (26-13-7, 1st in Northeast Div.) vs. Buffalo Sabres (20-20-5, 3rd in Northeast Div.)
  • Fifth meeting of the season between these teams with the teams splitting the series thus far with each team winning at home and on the road.
John Blue Plate Special

Got out of work late and was futher delayed by accidents on both the Pike and the Tip O'Neill tunnel.

Stiil, I made it to the Four's just in time to grab a quick bite.  I wasn't starving and I knew I didn't want a greasy app like the potato skins or the boneless wings.  So I went with something I had never tried before: the chicken quesadilla.

And wouldn't you know it, it was fantastic. Chicken, cheese, jalapenos, onions and bacon in a warm flour tortilla.  It completely hit the spot.

The Couture Corner

This was a huge letdown.  Buffalo has some great sweaters to choose from.  The bar is set a early 90's Pat LaFontaine or Dominek Hasek and goes up from there.  Bonus points for any member of the French Connection.  Even a Tom Draper or even a Darren Puppa would be a great sighting.

You what I got instead? A late 90's Stu Barnes. And I didn't even take a picture of it.  Frankly, those sweaters sucked.  Take a classic color scheme (royal blue and gold) and a simple, underrated but fitting logo and then throw it out the window in favor of completely different colors and overly stylized logo that severs any and all connection to the team's history. Weak.

And even when the Sabres management tried to fix it, the screwed up even worse.  They got the colors right, somewhat, returning to the blue/gold/white palette but adding some very unnescessary silver along the way.  But they screwed the pooch with the logo revamp. Yep, this was the introduction of the much maligned (and deservedly so) Buffaslug. They took the previous logo and made it worse than anything you could imagine. And it deserved the all the criticism it got.  The Buffalo fans hated it.

Fortunately, the Buffalo management finally came to their senses and introduced a modifed version of the original logo for the 2010/11 season along with new uniforms that harken back to the orginials.
I did, however, get a picture of this:

1998 Vladimir Ruzicka Czech Republic Olympic sweater
 I'm not sure of the context here. But it was so random, I'll allow it.

The Row 12 Rundown

Can't say that there was anyone of note that was missing for this one.
Doosh of the Day

I'm going to give this one to the Buffalo fans in row 9 in front of us who kept jumping up during play.  Look, even though the building is called the Garden and it's in Boston, it is not The Boston Garden.  This building has air conditioning, 18,565 seats and numerous other numerous amenities.  What is does not have is seats obstructed by structural columns.  In fact, nothing obstructs balcony seats.  So there is no reason to stand up to see the game.

Let me correct that, there are obstructions - stupid ditzes who stand up during play block our view.

So, we salute you - human obstructions, ytou are the Dooshes of the Day.

The Clothes Line

The Sabres are celebrating their 40th anniversary, having been founded in 1970.  Well, the Bruins won the cup in 1970, so I went with my 1970 Bobby Orr sweater.

The Lobel Prize

It just so happens that the game vs. the Sabres on December 7 was one of the games I neglected to blog.  The Bruins won that game 3-2 in overtime on Mark Recchi's video replay winner at 2:11 in the extra frame.

Had I blogged that game, you would have known that the Sabres feature one former Bruin: defenseman Steve Monatdor.

Montador was acquired at the trade deadline for Petteri Nokelainen.  A d-man by trade, he also spent time skating as a wing on the fouth line.  He played in the 2009 playoffs, stepping in for the injured Matt Hunwick, as the Bruins made it to game 7 in the Conference semifinals, losing to Carolina on that gut wrenching OT goal. He signed with the Sabres as a free agent in 2010.

In the first game on 12/7, Montador skated 18:07 and had 9 minutes in penalties (minors for roughing and high sticking, major for fighting).  In this game he skated 17:01 and had one shot on goal.

No harm done.

The Home End

The Bruins came into this game riding a hot streak, with wins in 5 of their last 6, including back to back wins against Carolina.  The offnse, which was red-hot, faltered, as the Bruins lost 4-2, firing 40 shots at Ryan Miller.

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