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Postgame Recap: March 5 - Super Mario Druthers

And so the streak is now at seven games and people are starting to think that this team might make some serious noise come the postseason.  And that's without any significant contribution (yet) from the upgraded power play that was supposed to put up over the hump.

But before we even begin to consider how far they will go in the playoffs, they have to deal with the matter at hand - a Saturday night tilt against the pesky Pittsburgh Penguins, the team that is owned by all time great/hypocrite Mario Lemieux and the one that employs the notorious Matt Cooke.

Let's see how it played out:

Just the facts, Jack (Edwards)

  • Regular Season game #64, home game #32
  • Boston Bruins (38-19-7, 1st in Northeast Div.) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (37-21-8, 2nd in Atlantic Div.)
  • Fourth and final meeting of the season between these two teams with each team winning on the road thus far.
John Blue Plate Special

Being the last Saturday night home game of the regular season, I wanted to make sure that I got to the Fours somewhat on the early side. And given that there was a good chance that there were going to be a good number of Pittsburgh fans/apologists coming to the game, I was to make doubly sure I'd get to the bar early enough to grab a seat.

Fortunately, Heather was bringing Pete to the game and they figured they'd get to the bar around 4.  They thought about trying to get something downstairs, especially with the top line working behind the bar.  But it was already somewhat full, so they headed upstairs where Jen and Adam were working.  Not a bad deal at all.

Unfortunately, due to the rather delightful warm weather in the area, the local highways were worse for wear.  So much so that MassDOT had to shut down the carpool lane on 93 south to conduct emergency repairs.  Accordingly, I was stuck in a bunch of unexpected traffic.  But I managed to get to Sullivan and hop on a train right away, mitigating my tardiness. I met the Yungers at the bar and within minutes had a seat for myself right next to them.

Upon my arrival, I was offered a taste of the steak and cheese eggrolls which Heather and Pete had ordered.  Crisp wrapper, tangy cheese and juicy steak, it hit all the right notes.

HAving a bunch of time to kill, we decided to go with the buffalo chicken nachos, which have been rated as some of the best nachos in the city by Boston Magazine.  This is a lot of food for the money - piles of multi-colored chips topped with cheese, sour cream, pickled jalapenos, tomatoes and the famed buffalo chicken, drizzled with hot sauce.  It's more than enough to feed three people.

But let it be noted - before ordering it, I asked Heather if ordering it was bad mojo.  We knew from our failed buffalo mac and cheese experiment that the Bruins went winless when we ordered it.  I wondered if it was the mac and cheese or the buffalo chicken.  She was of the mind that it was the mac and cheese. I went with it.  Now, I'm not so sure.

As for the main course, we went with the Larry Bird wrap with onion rings.  I now, a bit boring at this point, but we were on a seven game winning streak and we weren't going to switch things up just yet.

The Couture Corner

This being a saturday night and all, there was a good chance that a lot of Pens fans were going to show up for this one.  And the Pens have a good number of sweaters in their collection for fans to choose from.

So what did I find? Let's have a look:

1992-97 Away

I think this is a highly underrated sweater.  Sure, the diagonal lettering is a blatant rip-off of the Rangers, but it works.  It certainly didn't hurt that this was the sweater of choice for Snoop (well, NHL sweater of choice, he had an AHL favorite too) back in the the DogFather days in the mid 90's.

She gets props for the sweater, but loses some cred for not having it customized.  So much you could have done with this (Stevens, Mullen, Barrasso, etc.)

Some sort of knock-off Mario Lemieux

I can't figure out what this sweater is supposed to be.  The Penguins wore gold sweaters in only one season, 1983-4, the year before Mario entered the league.  And even then, the TV numbers were on the shoulders, not the sleeves and used a different font to boot.


1992-7 Mario Lemieux Away

Much better than the first photo, despite Mario Magnifique being a huge hypocrite.

199-27 Jaromir Jagr Home

One of only a few Jagrs I've seen at games this year.  But she loses points for not having a curly mullet. 

Wait, credit is restored.

And now for something completely different

Modern Replica Bobby Hull Chicago Blackhawks Home

I know it goes against my belief in that people should not put players names on a new shirt that that player never wore. But I'm a sucker for the Blackhawks sweaters.  And you just don't see all that many Bobby Hull ones around these parts.

The Row 11 Rundown

A saturday night during ski season means that the Hoyts were up in New Hampshire.  Chris was the lone Kasper representative.  And as mentioned earlier, Pete had seat 11 for this one.

Doosh of the Day

No explanation needed.

The Clothes Line

I thought I had run the gamut of Andy Moog sweaters thus far.  Oh boy, was I wrong.

As I made my way to my seat, I was greeted by this beauty:

1991 Andy Moog Wales Conference All Star, autographed, possibly game-used

I loved this style of all star sweater.  It was used from 1989 to 1991 and again in 1993.  In 1991 the All Star Game was held in Chicago at the old Chicago Stadium.  Moog was one of 5 Bruins to make the roster, along with Ray Bourque, Cam Neely, Dave Christian and Gary Galley.

I own this style sweater, but mine is blank.  It is rare to find one that is customized.  Even more rare is a pro model.  This is one of the best examples I had ever laid my eyes on.

The Lobel Prize

Evan after the trade deadline passed, the Penguins remain one of the few teams that do not have a former Bruin on their roster.

The Home End

And the seven game streak came to a halt.  But it wasn't from a lack of effort.  Down 2-1 late in the game, the Bruins pulled Tuukka Rask for an extra attacker and David Krejci slipped a shot past Marc-Andre Fleury to tie it up at 2-2.  The game would head to overtime, the Bruins assured of at least one point, but Dustin Jeffrey scored his second goal of the game 1:52 into the extra session to give the Penguins the win.

Normally, an OT loss after tying it up late isn't too bad in the grand scheme of things, but this was a game against Pittsburgh, the same team that employs (and even promotes) a piece of crap player/enemy of the game in Matt Cooke and just traded for noted nemesis Alex Kovalev, now in his second tour of duty in the Steel City. Furthermore, Pittsburgh was playing without their top two players in Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. But the Bruins were without the services of Patrice Bergeron, who was home for a family matter. And the power play still has not clicked since the Tomas Kaberle acquisition, although the Bruins only had one power play advantage in this game.

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