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Postgame Recap - October 23: A New York State of Bind

Just the Facts, Jack (Edwards)
  • Regular season game #6, home game #2
  • Boston Bruins (4-1-0-0) vs. New York Rangers (2-2-1-0)
  • First Original 6 matchup of the season for the B's.
  • Bruins riding a 4 game wining streak, all with Tim Thomas bewteen the pipes

John Blue Plate Special

Saturday nights are always tough when it comes to scoring a seat at the bar.  Face it, Bruins fans are no strangers to a libation or 5 before a game, especially on the weekend.  Add in the fact that it is college football season and the chances of landing a spot grow even slimmer.

Pregame time was originally set for 4:00, but we didn't get started until 4:35 due to a combination of factors including the following:
  • Halloween traffic on Rt. 114 in Peabody
  • Rt. 1 down to one lane because of an accident in Saugus by Rt. 60
  • A 17 wait for an Orange Line train at Sullivan Square
So it was a minor miracle that Heather and I were able to land spots front and center at the bar upstairs within minutes of our arrival.

Here was the bill of fare for the both of us:
  • Johnny Kelly in a wrap, sauce on the side, onion rings
  • Boneless wings with sides of teriyaki and honey mustard

The Couture Corner

With Rangers in town and a fervent buzz with the local fanbase, surely there would be a plethora of choices to pick from, right?  Wrong.

Slim pickings from representatives of both teams.

What to do? Well, take the 'Better off Dead' angle: If something gets in your way, turn.

So I turned, and lo and behold I see the following:

Image Hosted by

A late 70's Rogie Vachon LA Kings jersey.

Normally, I hate anything to do with LA. But this was so incredibly random and those Kings sweaters are so under-represented, even with the current throwback craze.

The Russian and American judges make deductions for the purple sleeve numbers (they should match the gold numbers on the back).

The Call upon booth review?


As for my choice of attire, I went with the 1967 Bobby Orr.  Original 6 matchup.   Beat the Rangers for the Stanley Cup in 1972 waring something similar.

The Row 12 Rundown

It being Saturday night (did I mention that yet?), there was a good showing by the 307 crew.  We were graced with the presence of Sue and Eric and Robin was the guest of honor in seat 11 for this one.  No Charla, but Kathi brought the kids along for the evening.

Bill and Carol were not there, as is often the case on weekends (despite the fact that ski season hasn't started yet.

Doosh of the Day

Hey, it's the Rangers. Which means that there are going to be a bunch of loudmouths from NYC as well as spoiled rich kids from BU who break out the blueshirts.  They are fair game.

And of course, the Rangers never have a shortage of players who we despise - Samuelsson, Brashear, Drury...

and of course, this guy:

Image Hosted by

But that's the easy way out.

The Doosh of the Day award winner must go above and beyond the call of normal douche-iness. And sure enough, we had a winner.  Two, in fact.

Winner #1:

Image Hosted by

Rangers fan.  When you tell the someone to eff off, that's one thing.  When it's a little kid behind you, well, that's DoTD winning material.

Winner #2: Rangers fan's friend.

This particularly classless DB, decked out in his Bruins sweater, decides to toss his beer down on the people in front of him at the end of the game.

I have a major problem with people who do this.  Way too many times I've seen innocent fans get doused with beer because of the actions of these idiots, more often than not its kids that are the victims.  I cannot stand this.

I caught him in the act and confronted him.  His response? A sh*t eating grin.  Fortunately, the usher at the bottom of the section saw him and other fans notified him as well.  Though I did not see him actually apprehended, I have every reason to believe that Garden security gave him a nice little escort off the premises.

That's Entertainment

The Bruins came out to an incredibly slow start and paid the price for it, yielding 2 goals before they would get on the board.  The Bruins were playing catch-up for the rest of the night.

But the highlight of the night was the Bruins' resident pugilist, Shawn Thornton, dropping the gloves with the undisputed king of NHL enforcers, Derek Boogard.  Thorny isn't a small individual, but he was giving up 5 inches and nearly 50 pounds to the Boogeyman.  And he more than held his own.

So a stick salute to #22.

The Clothes Line

Image Hosted by

Tonight's winner: Dennis Wideman guy

I know Dennis Wideman was the scapegoat for a lot of the problems the Bruins had in their defensive zone last year.  But I think the fanbase was a bit harsh in singling him out as if the other defensemen did nothing wrong.

That said, if I owned this shirt, I probably wouldn't wear it. Too soon for now.  Give it a few years before you break it out again.

The Home End

The game got off to a good start with the season debut of the one and only Rene Rancourt.  Sadly, it was downhill from there.  Losses sting.  Losses to the Rangers hurt even more.

Up next is an Original 6 matchup Thursday night versus the the Toronto Maple Leafs. Phil Kessel is back in town.  Rene gets to sing O Canada.  This promises to be one of the best dressed games we will see all season long.

Pregame starts at the Fours at 6:00 pm.

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